Time really flies! At the twilight of 2016 we can definitely say that this year was challenging but gratifying. To run a global federation like the Fédération Cynologique Internationale is not an easy task. Cultural, political and vision differences bring conflicts that must be promptly resolved, taking into consideration how the results will affect the cynological community. Thanks to a great team work and efforts we managed to solve the issues we were faced with during this past year.

After months of speculations regarding the ability of the RKF to organise the World Dog Show 2016, the most important dog show in the World was a world-class event with marvelous dogs, incredible hospitality and excellent press. On the other hand we were sad to hear that Ecuador resigned from the organisation of the FCI General Assembly and the World Dog Show 2017. Making history, the VDH, in an unprecedented situation, took a step forward to organise both events in Leipzig, Germany, next November. We are grateful and proud that the VDH took this huge responsibility.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
FCI Commission for Sledge dogs - Activity report

After several years of intensive work and the finalisation of several Guidelines and Recommendations, approved by the FCI General Committee, the Commission for Sledge Dogs decided to have a "sabbatical year" in 2015.

Many FCI Member Countries are now trying to implement, on a domestic basis, the recommendations provided by the Commission on both the nomination of Sled Dogs Working Judges and the more complicated Guidelines and Recommendations for international regulations for the tests making dogs eligible to enter the “working class” in dog shows and the delivery of CACT to enable dogs to become Working Champions, adopted in 2014.

© Anne Miclo

Now the work of the Commission will restart in 2016 with two main issues to be discussed:

  • the Preparation of some revisions to the document approved in 2011 on FCI Sled Dogs Working Judges;
  • the Preparation of the main lines of the document about regulations for the delivery of CACIT for sled dogs.
© Anne Miclo

The next meeting of the commission will be held in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 21st and 22nd May 2016.

Franco Mannato
President of the FCI Commission for Sledge Dogs