Time really flies! At the twilight of 2016 we can definitely say that this year was challenging but gratifying. To run a global federation like the Fédération Cynologique Internationale is not an easy task. Cultural, political and vision differences bring conflicts that must be promptly resolved, taking into consideration how the results will affect the cynological community. Thanks to a great team work and efforts we managed to solve the issues we were faced with during this past year.

After months of speculations regarding the ability of the RKF to organise the World Dog Show 2016, the most important dog show in the World was a world-class event with marvelous dogs, incredible hospitality and excellent press. On the other hand we were sad to hear that Ecuador resigned from the organisation of the FCI General Assembly and the World Dog Show 2017. Making history, the VDH, in an unprecedented situation, took a step forward to organise both events in Leipzig, Germany, next November. We are grateful and proud that the VDH took this huge responsibility.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
2016 FCI – WUSV – SV – COAPA - FCM World German Shepherd Conference

The World German Shepherd Conference at the Federación Canófila Mexicana, AC (FCM) was held on 16th and 17th November and was attended by many figures from the dog-loving world, among them Mr Rafael de Santiago, President of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) who gave the opening address at this major event, during which he highlighted his total satisfaction with the fact that it was being held in the presence of the world’s leading authorities on the German Shepherd, including Doctor Heinrich Messler, the current Chairman of the Weltunion der Vereine für Deutsche Schäferhunde (WUSV) and the Verein für Deutsche Shäferhunde (SV), both of whom were welcomed by the host for this major global event, Doctor José Luis Payró Dueñas, who is the President of the FCI’s Americas and Caribbean Section and also heads up the FCM, the organising body for this major global conference.

It should be highlighted that several other authorities on the breed also attended, such as Messrs Clemens Lux, Wolfgang Lauber, Luciano Musolino, Edgar Scherkl, Dirk Gabriel, Imram Husain and all of the delegates from the Confederación Americana del Pastor Alemán (COAPA – American German Shepherd Confederation) represented by its Chairman, Mr Roberto Caputi.

Mr Rafael de Santiago and Doctor Heinrich Messler franked the special edition postage stamp commemorating the German Shepherd breed in Mexico. This stamp carries enormous value and significance for the FCM, as it is yet another way to promote this beautiful breed and to encourage proper care of these dogs.

The conference took place at the Foro Internacional Canófilo, within the FCM’s facilities, capacity was for 320 people and the two days were 95% booked, in other words, around 300 German Shepherd breeders were able to listen to these high level talks, which were also broadcast live to the whole world over the Internet, on the FCM’s pages both on its website and on social networks.

The social side of things is a complementary part of an event of this kind and on both days the FCM offered everyone a coffee break, refreshments and also a formal meal, designed to promote friendships between all of the participants, making this a magnificent and unforgettable event. We feel sure that this work will set a precedent and that similar events could take place in other countries, thus contributing to the love of German Shepherd dogs worldwide.

Dr César Delgado
Editorial Director, Federación Canófila de Mexico